Welcome to the wiki page for SmartCore! Useful information and plugin help can be found here.
You can also contact us on our Discord server, but make sure you have read the wiki first.


SmartCore has a lot of features, here is a list of them. The plugin is always improving with new features!
  • Gamemode commands
    • Creative
    • Survival
    • Adventure
    • Spectator
  • Health commands
    • Feed
    • Heal
  • Time commands
    • Day
    • Night
  • Weather commands
    • Sun
    • Rain
  • Join messages
    • Public join
    • Public leave
    • Private join


To run this plugin, you will need a Minecraft server with a fork like Paper, Spigot or other.
Later, you will need the plugins:
  • Vault (For %prefix% and %suffix% placeholders in config)
  • PlaceholderAPI (For plugin placeholders)
The plugin is only tested on the server versions 1.16 and newer, so if you want to test the plugin on other versions, join our Discord server and apply for Beta tester.


Downloading the plugin

In order to use the plugin you will need to download it of cource. You can do this if you press the "Download now" button on our Spigot page.

Moving the plugin

When you have downloaded the plugin you will need to move it to the plugin folder in your server. If you are using localhost you can just move the file into the folder. If you are using a host you can use softwares like FileZilla and move it into the plugin folder.
You will need a Minecraft server. If you don't know how to make a server, check out this video.

Restarting the server

If your server is active, restart it or just start it. Press "Restart" on the control panel if you are using a host or stop the run file and start it again. If your server is offline, just press "start" on the host panel or run the run.bat file on localhost.


That should be it! Enjoy the plugin! If you have further questions, contact us on our Discord server.
Last modified 7mo ago